Table Tennis

At Hallmarks Billiards we offer a variety of Table Tennis models, from our freestanding Table Tennis, to the Table Tennis conversion top, and our new Outdoor Table Tennis. We carry Brunswick's top of the line SMASH Tennis Tables, available in SMASH 3.0, SMASH 5.0, and SMASH 7.0. Brunswick's SMASH 3.0 includes a reliable and durable green playing surface with matching net and net clips, which provide you with both exceptional performance and appearance. Brunswick's SMASH 5.0 is a mid-range table featuring a beautiful blue playing surface with matching net and net clips. This table includes superior features such as an 18mm-thick playing field to maximize stability and playability, and also includes an undercarriage designed for increased strength and mobility. SMASH 5.0 can also fold-up making it incredibly easy for transport and storage. SMASH 7.0 is Brunswick's newest table tennis, featuring a classic and sleek black playing surface, matching net and net clips, and a sturdy 25mm-thick playing field. SMASH 7.0 also includes a sturdy undercarriage to ensure exceptional stability, and a convenient fold-up system, making SMASH 7.0 the ideal table tennis for any level of play! Brunswick's Table Tennis Conversion Top is a unique, practicable, and fun way to maximize the use of your pool table and create the perfect table tennis for your home. Brunswick's Table Tennis Conversion Top is durable and stylish, coming in a sleek black finish, and includes everything you need to complete your table tennis, including balls, paddles, and the clip-on net. This conversion top will fit most 8" foot pool tables. Our newest product, the sterling Outdoor Table Tennis is a great addition to any backyard! The table is powder-coated, and weather resistant enabling maximum playability and ensuring the quality and life of your table tennis is not adversely affected by weather conditions. The table is 5/8" thick, providing you with a strong, durable and long-lasting surface. The Sterling Outdoor table also folds up for single play and can be easily stored when not in use.

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NEW - Outdoor Table Tennis

The Sterling Outdoor table is our powder-coated, weather resistant table tennis. It's thick, 5/8" playing surface ensures long-lasting play quality...

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Smash 3.0

A brilliant green playing surface with matching net and net clips helps Smash 3.0 stand out, both in appearance and performance. Featuring a...

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Smash 5.0

Our mid-range model features a handsome blue playing surface with matching net and net clips. With an 18mm-thick playing field for great stability...

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Smash 7.0

Our latest entry into the table tennis game is as powerful as its name. Smash 7.0 features classic black play surface, nets and nets clips, with a...

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Smash 7.0 BP

Brunswick Billiards has partnered with Bright Pink to bring you this limited edition table. The unique Smash 7.0 BP features Bright Pink's signature...

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Table Tennis Conversion Top

The friendly competition never ends with this durable, foam pad-backed table tennis conversion top. Featured in a stylish black finish it includes...

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