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Hallmark Billiards offers eight beautifully crafted and uniquely designed specialty pool tables. Our specialty tables include antique tables, individually created tables, and unique limited edition tables. We carry the elegantly designed European styled Marquette table, which is a rare limited edition table. We carry one of the one-hundred-sixty Marquette tables that have ever been created, making the table not only rare and precious, but also a timeless piece of art. We also offer the custom made, one-of-a-kind "Orlando" Snooker table, constructed with specialty African Wenge Wood, and finished with multiple layers of high gloss piano finish. These unique and unparalleled features not only enhance the superiority of the table but ensure that you are purchasing a table that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our beautiful Renaissance tables are reminiscent of the Renaissance period, as each table is artistically crafted exhibiting sixteenth and seventeenth century characteristics from Italy, England and France. Every Renaissance table showcases elegant tapered legs, detailed contours, exquisite carving, and are magnificently finished with piano high gloss finish. We also carry the classical Warwick Carom pool table: one of the most elegantly designed high grade pool tables ever produced. The Warwick Carom ranks superiorly in all respects, specifically style, quality, construction, and attractiveness, making it an obvious selection for any specialty pool table buyer. The Brunswick Bensinger Pool Table is a rare collectors table, characterized by its timeless design, beautiful wood, and Dark Amber finish. Beyond its aesthetics, the Bensinger is constructed with the highest quality materials, providing superior strength, performance, and durability. The Drawknife Madison is one of our most unique specialty pool tables. The Madison is hand built out of lodge pole pine trees collected from the Tenton Forest. The Madison is the perfect fit for any cottage, lodge cabin, or resort. With its beautiful log legs that are plain peeled, revealing beetle holes and mineral spots, the true beauty of nature is epitomized through this breathtaking table.

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Antique 9' Warwick Carom Billiard Table

From the 1908-1909 Brunswick Balke Collender Co., catalog, page 28: Produced under 18 construction patents awarded from 1892 to 1905; A design patent...

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10' Snooker Table "The Orlando"

Custom Made, One-of-a-kind 10' Snooker Table. Made of African Wenge Wood with multiple layers of high gloss, grand piano finish. Serpentine Rails and...

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Brunswick Marquette

Furnished handsomely figured Circassian Walnut, inlaid with black holly and pearl, in what is known as an egg shell gloss, which means that after...

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