The game of Foosball originates back to the year 1922, when a man named Harold Seales Thorton from the United Kingdom decided to create a game that encapsulated all the elements of the ever so popular sport of football. The popularity of football was spreading rapidly throughout Europe and Thorton wanted to create a game that not only resembled the outdoor sport but one that people could play in their homes. Thorton named the game "Foosball", a title closely resembling the sport's actual name. The game of Foosball was brought to the United States in the 1950's and became popular almost instantaneously. The game reached its peak of popularity in the 1970's, and Foosball acquired a strong following of supporters and enthusiasts. In 1979, the first ever Professional Foosball Tournament took place in the United States, with the winning prize of the tournament being a whopping $250,000. The event was so popular that it was turned into a permanent and yearly event entitled the Foosball World Championships. To this day, Foosball is a popular indoor sport that is played not only in the West but all over the world. Skilled players of the sport have emerged from countries as diverse as North Africa to Tahiti and Australia, with some countries such as Japan and Argentina entering competitors into the World Championships for the first time ever in recent years. In North America alone there are over 1.9 million players enjoying the game which has evolved immensely over the years into a diverse sport that can be played by families, and professionals alike. If you love the sport of Football or just want to spend quality time with friends, and family, a Foosball table is a timeless game that is guaranteed to entertain and provide endless hours of enjoyment. Visit Hallmark Billiards Bar & Barstools and choose from our impressive selection of Foosball tables to fit any style, or budget.

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Foos-G-2 Foosball

Technical Chart Model Foos G-2 Foosball Length 148 cm. Width 76 cm. Height 85 cm. Playing Field 120 x 70 cm. Weight 80 Kg. Packing 160 x 77 x 26.5...

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Garlando G-5000 Evolution

The G-5000 is Garlando's the top-of-the-line superior model, constructed in the highest quality materials with splayed legs offering stability and...

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Kicker Foosball

*CONTENDER-exclusive sturdy cabinet with a matte black finish *Three-man goalie offers a wall of defense and incredibly fast play *Adjustable leg...

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Scorer Fooaball

Sturdy cabinet with a scratch-resistant laminate in a warm antique chestnut finish CONTENDER-exclusive humanistic counter-balanced men allow easier...

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